Cesar & Pam Ruiz

Cesar and Pam are regular parents who, when their oldest daughter was born, realized that while whiney children seemed to abound, happy and obedient children were difficult to find.

Concerned (more like terrified) with the idea that the probabilities were against them, they began their search, studying every material on child training and child psychology they could get their hands on. Many of the ideas they found, sounded great in theory, but when they met the children whose parents were putting the ideas into practice, they were not very impressed. They soon realized they were looking for something deeper than tips and techniques to mold outward behavior.
So they decided to start with the end in mind and began studying and interviewing parents with children of all ages who already had “the fruit on the tree”: Parents raising happy and obedient children. They specifically focused on parents with grown children, who were now successfully raising their own children. That was impressive!
And it was through these observations and through their personal experience raising their own children, that Cesar and Pam identified a clear pattern of what works and doesn’t work in the most difficult, meaningful and demanding occupation in the world: parenting.
After sixteen years of “practicing” on their own children, Cesar and Pam now travel throughout North, Central and South America and Europe, teaching parents how to win their children’s heart, in order to help them become stable, empowered adults, able to face the world and truly succeed.

The Ruiz family has worked with companies and organizations like Neiman Marcus, the Dallas Independent School District (DISD), Christ for the Nations (CFNI), University of the Nations (YWAM) and numerous churches, children’s homes and orphanages around the world to train parents, teachers and leaders how to implement these principles. Being a bi-cultural family, the Ruiz’ have discovered that that the principles they teach are God-given and universal.
 Cesar and Pam live in Texas with their 6 children (ages 4-18). When asked for their credentials to teach on the subject of raising children, they point to their 6 kids.